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Mutant is third person 3D shooter. The main hero is able to use several special abilities where most significant one is presence of two more hands that are placed in two hollows in his jacket directly under the arms. Mutant can hold different guns in different hands and he can fire to different targets at once. The player can control one of the hands or several hands at once while they aim to common target. Other hands are automatically seeking space around Mutant for any enemy.

He was born as a quite ordinary boy in a tiny Czech village. After the death of his parents he was bred by his grandmother, a very kind though a bit muddle-headed woman, who used to ease her strong rheumatics pain by smoking herbs from her garden. She would make anything for the boy! So when the gentlemen in well-fitting suits came around one day, she didn’t hesitate for a moment. Face to face with her own reflection in their black sunglasses, she let the boy go with them to a holiday camp. Then she aligned money into neat packet and hid it into a straw mattress. She knew the value of things of this kind. Then she went back and melted the worm of doubtfulness in smoke of herbs. The summer came over. Leaves fell off the trees. The snow covered the ground and the boy never came to the old woman`s mind again.

The lad wasn’t satisfied with the camp from the very day. He could get over the loss of direct contact with other children, and he could accept the communication with them only by rapping out on the wall of cell. He could acquiesce with the camp guiders who were dressed in white gowns instead of scout uniforms. On the other hand the attractions disgusted him at all. They promised him sun, water, merry-go-round and lots of fun. It is hard to say what kind of source it was but they surely shone with something on him. Anyway he grew one meter up and he became much stronger. It was exactly what he had always wanted to happen. On the other hand there were lots of pain in it. More then he expected. He enjoyed water very much too… of course after he had taught himself to breathe under water. To be honest there were really some merry-go-round things. What a game from 20G! And finally lets talk about fun. Yes, there were really lots of fun especially from the moment when he got the ability to produce anthem by fart underarms stereophonically.

And then, one day after many years, he woke up and unplugged himself from all these beeping-in-panic devices. Because he didn’t find anyone in the laboratory he came finally to light. Prague is nice but too deserted. The city is almost empty except hordes of strange creatures driven by very simple killing philosophy. There are enough enemies for each hand!

Full game contains complete C++ source code of the game!

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