Colony 28

Colony 28

In one bad day for humans, mankind was overwhelmed by an alien's captors. It was written year 2013 and human armies lasted only several weeks. And now it's over. These who had been talented become robots, with embedded control chip to assure theirs obedience, serving as supervisors in remaining human colonies.

You are one of them, when your transport is hit by a laser beam coming from the surface on a routine way to your new assignment, shortening out your obedience chip circuits. The transport boat lands in hurry and you see yourself like only one leaving it.

The goal is clear, equipped by a strong robotic body, combining alien and human technologies you must seek how to destroy an alien ship from which they dominate the Earth and control all units. To your robotic arm is mounted machine gun, which supports three sorts of ammo. When it happens that you will run out of it, you can still rely on your robotic fists. Game supports an inventory, provides a few riddles and combat is realized through "Hide and Shoot" strategy - else you are no more.

Scenery and video sequences are stronger part of overall feeling, they have that unnamed something to draw you in. The gameplay itself rely on your fast reflexes, riddles are obviously easy. It's first game of Napoleon Games and it's to be seen, you lack that feeling of freedom in movement, rather you are apparently clumsy. As a plus the atmosphere is emphasized by a quite a good music.

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